My Story

I would always run around the school yard playing some sort of sport but I didn’t know that track and field existed until one day in school when everyone was required to participate in the track and field day. I was never the fastest girl in elementary school but I fell in love with the sport instantly and did well in all of the events. I joined the school relay team and enjoyed running down the school hallways as fast my legs would take me. After a couple years our relay team had some success breaking one of the city meet records and we were undefeated. This is when I decided I wanted to join a track club to see where the sport could take me.


I loved being part of the Saskatoon Track and Field Club. I had so many great coaches growing up and I loved traveling to the different meets offered through the club. I progressed tremendously as an athlete. When I first joined club track I would do well in the meets I entered but never won any medals. It wasn’t until grade 10 that I had my first success. I decided to start taking my training more seriously and attended the club’s spring warm weather training camp in Clermont, Florida. Getting some good training in I came back to high school cities and broke the midget girls 80mH record, won my first national medal at Youth Nationals placing 2nd in the 100m, and won the Bob Adams Midget Female Track Athlete of the Year.

2009 was my most memorable year in the sport. I started out my season well by breaking the 60mH youth indoor provincial record. The records continued into the outdoor season where I broke the 100m high school city record as well as the 400mH Youth outdoor record. The highlight of the year was when I got a call in the middle of my practice saying that I had made Team Canada for the World Youth Championships in Suditrol, Italy. It was my first time being part of a national team and my first time leaving North America. I will never forget the atmosphere of competing against the best in the world in front of hundreds of people for the very first time. My season, however, was just beginning. I was continuously traveling to a new meet every weekend including the National Junior Championships, National Youth Championships, and the Canada Summer Games. At the National Youth Championships I won my first national title breaking the meet record in the 100mH. At Canada Games I won silver in the 400mH which was a big accomplishment since I was only 16 years old at the time competing in a U23 competition. Because of my accomplishments throughout the year I won the Bob Adams Youth Track Athlete of the Year and was recognized by Sask Sport under the Future’s Best Program.


2010 started out strong as I won 6 SSSAD gold medals and broke the 200m city record. I was able to repeat this feat at the SHSAA provincial meet winning 6 gold medals as well as breaking the 100m, 200m, and 4x100m provincial records and winning the Aggregate Award. I was only the second girl in SHSAA history to be able to win gold medals in 6 running events. I was on pace to make the World Junior National Team when I was diagnosed with 3 stress fractures in my foot and was unable to continue my season. I was devastated but I decided to move on and continue my track career accepting a full scholarship at Rice University in Houston, Texas.


Getting a full scholarship and competing in the NCAA was a dream come true. However, once I got down there I was unable to run as my stress fractures were causing other complications. I spent the whole year in a boot cast and ended up having surgery on the navicular bone in my foot. The doctor said he was unsure if I would ever be able to compete at the level I was at again. I did not however accept this news. I did every physio exercise and was determined to heal my foot back to normal. This turned into the greatest struggle I have been through in my athletic career. By the end of the summer I was unable to run so I decided not return to Rice and take some time off track. Living life without track was hard but it made me realize that its what I want to do.

After being off track a couple years due to injury it was hard coming back. I had to gradually build up my track program to where I was before. This was hard because I wanted to jump right back into the hard workouts I had previously been doing but my foot would not allow for it. I also was not physically in the same shape I once was. I was 20 pounds lighter due to atrophy and didn’t have the strength which is needed for my power events. Getting the results from my first few meets back was tough. I would question if I would ever get back to the same level I was at before let alone better. However I put my doubts behind me and kept working because running track is what I love to do.


2013 proved to be my comeback season. In the spring I had attended an Athletics Canada training camp and spent a large portion of the summer training in Calgary with Les Gramantik. Throughout the summer I made tremendous progress improving 0.75s in the 100mH race from the beginning to end of the season. I ended off my season with a bang winning the 100mH Gold at the Canadian Summer Games with a new PB. It was my first personal best in 4 years.


In 2014 my progress continued to incline. I competed with the University of Saskatchewan Huskies for the indoor season. I love competing for the Huskies and representing my home town. Throughout the indoor season I managed to break both the 60m and 60m Hurdle Records and capture the gold at Can West and CIS in the 60mH. Come outdoor season I spent a large majority of my time training with the National Sprint and Hurdle coaches out of Toronto. Once again I ended the season with a new personal best and a spot on the Under 23 Canadian National Team at the NACAC Championships. Even though I had a successful outdoor season, it was a frustrating season because I felt like I couldn’t reach my full potential in a race.

NACAC Team Canada

NACAC Team Canada

I have recently decided to make a move to the Athletics Canada East Hub training centre in Toronto which is focused on speed and power events. It was a hard move  to make, leaving my family and friends behind once again, but I fully believe it was a decision I had to make in order to take the sport to the next level.



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