I have been away training with the National Speed/ Hurdle group for two months now.   Our primary training base is in Toronto, but I have spent the past three weeks training in St. Kitts and am now kicking off my season in Florida.

Our spring training camp in St. Kitts’ purpose is to get away from the cold Canadian weather and get a head start on our outdoor season. Life is not rough and I enjoyed the nice hot Caribbean weather but it was no Vacation. Our primary focus was to get in good quality training leading into the outdoor season, and I did just that. I spent the majority of my time in St. Kitts training, eating, napping, resting, and sleeping.

Our team also suffered a tragedy during our time in St. Kitts. One of my teammates drowned in a swimming accident one afternoon after practice. It has been a hard few weeks for my team and I but we have to continue to stay strong and represent our teammate well in the upcoming season.

I started off my season yesterday in Clermont, Florida running the 100mH against some of the fastest girls in the world. It was a low key meet but had the best quality competition I have ever run against. My competition was able to push me to run a unofficial personal best of 13.28. I say unofficial because I had a little bit too much wind at my back for the race to count, but hey it is still the fastest I have ever run. I am happy with my results for my first race back in a long time. Last year I started out the season running half a second slower than I opened with this year, so I am very excited to see what this upcoming season has to bring.

My next meet is in Gainesville, Florida next weekend. My new coach is currently training to change a lot in both my running and hurdling technique. My main focus the next few weeks will be trying to get these new changes ingrained in my muscle memory so they will eventually transfer over when I race. My coach said to expect fast results once I can get a handle on these changes!

I will be sure to keep updating my blog as my season unfolds!



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