Road to Rio and Beyond

Here is the link to my 2015 training campaign. Help make my dreams of becoming an Olympian a Reality. I love being able to live and train in my hometown of Saskatoon around my family and friends. However, the training conditions in Saskatoon are not ideal for an elite athlete. The cold long winters force us to train indoors. As a 100m Hurdler, I am unable to train for my race as the indoor facilities do not have a straight away long enough to set up 10 hurdles. The track is only available to track athletes from the times of 4:30-6:30 daily. This is not enough time to finish a long, hard workout. To get better, you have to train and compete against the best in your event. To get in good quality races, I have to travel across the country and to the States to get in races that are not available locally.

I have been told to relocate to a high performance training centre to train and work with the best in the sport. However, at this time my bank account and schooling can not afford to do so. Currently I am training in Saskatoon and working with the National Hurdle Coach and training group part-time. This group is located out of Toronto and train down south for a large portion of the year. I have been invited to train with them whenever it works around my schedule. This is a great opportunity but of course with everything has a price tag. I have provincial funding but it does not cover the costs of my expenses for the upcoming season. Therefore am seeking additional help to offset some of these expenses and would be extremely grateful for any support you could provide. It is a big year in the sport as the Olympics are right around the corner.


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