Proper nutrition and hydration plays a major role in an athletes success. I work very closely with a nutritionist to try and find a balanced diet that will fuel my heavy training schedule. Dehydration is an issue I have trouble with as I find it hard to keep hydrated. I have a water bottle with me at all times but I never know how much water is enough. The other day I discovered a new invention coming out early 2015 that is probably going to be my new best friend. It is called the “Vessyl.” The Vessyl is a smart cup that knows the makeup and tracks everything you drink. Features of the Vessyl include:

-Lose Weight: It tracks your liquid calories over the course of the day and week. You might be surprised the amount of calories you consume from your drinks. “Beverages are the #1 single source of calories.”
-Stay Hydrated: Get to your Pryme Zone during the day so you can perform your best
-Regulate Caffeine: Stay sharp but not jittery. Vessyl will help you smooth out your consumption
-Build Muscle: Track protein and recovery beverages to get the most out of your workouts.
-Sleep Better: Learn how to choose and time your beverage intake to get quality sleep
-Curb Sugar: There is nothing sweet about having too much sugar.

I think this cup will help me a lot with my nutrition and hydration, which is one of my main goals to work on this coming season. I thought that I would share this because it could be beneficial to many people. It always amazes me with the things people come up with now a days. This is the first of many products “Mark One” is coming up with to help track your nutrition. The founder came up with the idea because he believes tracking your nutrition is just as if not more important than tracking your exercise like many other gadgets out there.

Use this link to check out the Vessyl. Help me get my vessel for free. For every person that used this link to order their own Vessyl, I will get $10 off my order 🙂


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