Until Next Time

“The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.”

Today was the U-23 NACAC Championships and the last race of my season. My warmup felt great and I had a really good feeling about the race ahead of me. The past few weeks held some of the best practices I have ever had. I had no doubt in my mind that I was going to run a new personal best. Unfortunately on my last hurdle start of my warmup, something went wrong and I bruised the entire top of my ankle. The adrenaline was pumping and I shook it off and told myself I was going to be okay. I had been looking forward to this race all year and nothing was going to stop me from running my race. However, as soon as the gun went off I knew something was off. I didn’t feel like my normal hurdle self and my ankle couldn’t hold up through the race. Nothing can describe the disappointment I felt seeing a DNF beside my name and looking down at my bruised and swollen ankle. This was not the way I wanted to end my season. Although today was extremely upsetting, I have to put it behind me and move on. Looking back on this past season I am going reflect on the good, learn from the bad, and use my disappoint as fuel to have a bigger and better season next year.

This past year has been full of ups and downs. The year started off with a bang having one of the best indoor seasons to date. I finished off the indoor season with a CIS gold medal, new 60m and 60mH PB’s, and new Huskie Records in both events. My Hurdle time was also one of the fastest ever run at CIS just missing the record. My outdoor season overall went well, but I am not completely satisfied. Although I am finishing off the season with a new 100mH and 200m personal bests, all I can think about it the potential I did not fulfill. I switched up my training program this outdoor season and changed a lot technically. At practice I would be able to put things together and get in some very good runs but I still need time to make these new changes a habit so I can put a race together when it counts. It is something that will come with time. I just need to be patient.

At first I thought of all the hard work I put in training every day this past year and everything I gave up to be able to represent Canada at these championships. A whole year of hard work and my ultimate goal of running well at my biggest meet of the year gone in a blink of an eye. When you care so much about something, when things go wrong you can’t help but feel down. But all I needed was a little change in perspective to make things feel better. I need to take away how I have grown as an athlete this past year. When times are tough I just need to remember the progress I have made. This was my first year back running injury free in three years. Before this year I had forgotten what it felt like to be able to run a personal best. This year I have had several. My best race last year matched my slowest race this season. Although I didn’t run as fast as I would have hoped this outdoor season I need to remember to be patient. I can’t expect to run a world class time when I could barely run last year. This past year I have had so many good learning experiences. I have learnt what it is like to compete at an elite level. With another year or two of consistent injury free training i have no doubt in my mind I will be able to step it up to the next level. This year was a learning year. Next year means business. There are bigger and better opportunities the next couple years leading into the 2016 olympics and I am ready to train harder than ever before to make my dreams reality.

I can’t wait to get started training for the 2015 season but first I am going to enjoy some much needed rest 🙂

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One thought on “Until Next Time

  1. Hi Sweetie, Ivan told me the sad news when he came over to pick up the boat last night and so I was very disappointed as well. As you know by now life is full of disappointments, but I am glad to see from your post that you are prepared to strive to reach your objective. Just remember one thing that we are behind you all the way and still Love you no matter what happens. I hope you and Graeme enjoy your vacation in B.C. this week and take advantage of some well deserved rest time. Say hello to Graeme and give him a hug from me, but you will get my big hug when you get home from your trip. Take care and drive safely through does rugged mountains. Love Grandpa Terry


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