Here is an update on my outdoor season so far as I haven’t written a post in a while. Since   Florida I have gotten in a large number of races, some good, some not as good. Everyone has their on and off days. Unfortunately this past week at the Canadian track and field championships it was one of those off weekends. On Saturday I advanced out of the semi finals to make the final Sunday morning. I ended up struggling through the final after catching some sort of flu bug going around my training group. I finished 6th place with one of my slowest times of the season. I was disappointed because my last few practices leading into the championships were some of my best hurdle practices I have ever had. Some technical hurdle things I have been working on for a long time were starting to come together and I had a really good feeling about the weekend. However, even though I didn’t run as well as I hoped, this weekend I achieved one of my main goals for the season. Leading into the competition I had already achieved NACAC (North American, Caribbean, and Central American Championships) standard, but part of the criteria to be selected to  the national team was to finish top 8 at nationals. This means that since I am one of the top two under 23 hurdlers in the country, I will get to represent Canada in the NACAC competition in Kamloops this August. After struggling with Injuries the past few years it feels really good to be running faster than I ever have and to be able to represent my country again.

Next weekend I will be flying out to Victoria to continue competing on the National Track League series. A few weekends ago I competed in my first NTL meet out in Halifax. I was happy to finish 4th in a tough field of world class hurdlers. In the cold rainy weather I ran just under my PB of 13.38 I ran in Toronto early this season. I am excited to race in some more of these high class races to hopefully lower my time and improve my placing. I have been running well this season (I have improved approx. half a second since last year) but I know I still have a lot of room for improvement.  After Victoria I will end the NTL series in Vancouver a few days later.




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