Just Keep Training

Eat, Sleep, Run. That has been my daily routine for the past 12 days. I have reached the half way point of my time here in Orlando. The training here is tough as the coaches are trying to run me into shape. Yesterday my coach Anthony, referred to my workout plan as “Kill me now.” Every day he asks me if I am sure I want to be here because it is a lot of hard work but I smile and say yes every time. Good he replied because this is what it takes to become an elite athlete. It may be hard but I love to push myself and see where my body can take me. It is incredible the amount I still have to learn about the hurdles. I thought I had improved a lot this past indoor season but the coaches here said I still have a lot to work on. This past Saturday I ran my first outdoor race of the season. I opened up with a time of 13.81 the same time that I had run last season to win the Canada Summer Games. Last year I would have been happy with this time but this year I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. After such a good indoor season I thought I would open up with a massive PB. However, my coach told me that I will not be running the times I want working so hard and learning new in training. He said now is the time to put in the hard work so the results will show later in the season when it counts. What is the point of running fast early in the season? He also said that I have some weak spots so if I can strengthen those up and fix up some of my bad mechanics, I will give the girls some competition for the Olympic Trials in two years! The meet may not have been as good as I had wished but its a start and things can only get better. I am looking forward to the next 12 days of training!


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