Great Beginnings

I have finally escaped the snow and have flown off to Orlando, Florida for training camp. I survived my first day here with no luggage. My bag got lost on the trip here so I managed to survive the day with a old pair of runners and some borrowed clothes from my roommates. I am training at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex with the national sprint/ hurdle group that trains out of Toronto. I am getting my first taste of what being a full time professional athlete feels like. Today I trained with the two hurdlers that represented Canada at the 2012 London olympics in the 100mH. Practice only lasted just over two hours today because the majority of the team is competing tomorrow. However, the girls here said some days the entire day will be spent training. We are staying at a beautiful resort and the girls who have been here for a week already have yet to see the pool. Tomorrow we are going to the University of Florida for a meet, but I won’t be competing until next weekend.

Working with the coaches here for only one day I have already learned a lot. The coach here said my hurdles were “craptacular” which is a mix between good and bad. He said I have a lot to work on technically and that he was going to run me into shape starting Monday. I am excited to continue working with the coaches for the next three works and hopefully see big improvements!



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