CIS 2014

As the CIS Championships come to an end so does my 2014 Indoor track season. I ended off the season with my first CIS gold medal in the 60mH in a personal best time of 8.29s. My time was only 0.06s off the CIS Championship record. Hopefully I will be able to capture that record in my future seasons as a Huskie. Because of the progress I have made this season in hurdles, i am even more excited to work even harder to have more success this outdoor season. I get a well deserved break this week and will start up base training next week. After I finish off the school year I am going to go down south for some warm weather training to get a jump start on my season seeing as I can’t hurdle in the snow here! After some solid training I will start competing and chasing after the standards I need to achieve in order to make one (or hopefully two) national teams this Summer. If all goes well my plan is to make the U23 NACAC team as well as the Commonwealth Games team. The Commonwealth Games will be tough to make as it is a senior level team and I will be up against past olympian hurdles. But with hard work, dedication, and confidence, anything can happen.

I would like to thank everyone who has been there for me this past season. Without the support of my coach, teammates, friends, family, and amazing boyfriend I would never be where I am today.


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